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Long ago when the Earth was in a different age, during the second industrial revolution, special records were created. A new age of music was dawning and music specialists were being called in. Scientists and musicians of the past age worked fruitlessly for nearly half a century.

One day that changed when they harnessed the essence of music itself into a medium of power, a weapon. They called this device a battle record. Clearly the record was not just a means of entertainment anymore.

About a decade later the sect of scientist made their crowning achievement. Their secret project had finally been completed. This group of scientists nearly went mad trying to configure this record. The Ultimate Record.

The Ultimate Record is the god of all records. Being composed of thousands of other records, it lacked nothing, it had everything. It was on the level of atomic weapons of the old age combined with all of the universe’s elements. It has the power to create any kind of music and the power to destroy music.

In following years, the Ultimate record toured around the nation to be used in clubs. The beats it produced made anyone who heard them become instantly entranced by them.

A day came where one of its creators the youngest of the group, the prodigy DJ X began to “realize” the Ultimate Record’s “true” purpose. He felt it was to be used to destroy. This feeling forced him to set out and pursue the ultimate record to exercise its powers.

DJ X followed it for about a year going from club to club to seize what he felt belonged to him and him alone. Months into his search DJ X went to a club called the PTRO club, owned by a man called DJ Lucas. The PTRO club is where the ultimate record was currently being held. DJ X being the genius he was came up with a plan instantly.

DJ X went to approach Lucas so he could introduce himself. DJ X told Lucas he was also a DJ as well. Lucas being the kind DJ he offered to let DJ X in the club to through down a few beats for the night. DJ X could hardly contain himself as he went to put his hand on the ultimate record. He cackled manically as he gazed at his reflection in it. Lucas was getting the crowd all hype for the new DJ to set the party’s mood. The party was at a high with fist pumps, shufflers, jumpstylers, all type of dancers and party goers. Lucas felt the time was right for DJ X to take the stage and let the beats fly. He threw him the signal and what he got back was a blast from DJ X’s concealed battle record. Lucas began to black out, the wound was more severe than he expected. He felt like he had let everyone down as they ran from DJ X’s attack. DJ X ran outside and attacked the innocents. The PTRO Club ended.

Months passed, Lucas had become deathly determined to get the record back and he knew he had to defeat X to do it. He set out on journey to accomplish his goal. Many enemies like bandits and robots tried to get in Lucas’ way to DJ X, but his master DJ and battle record mastery skills always got him through the battles. The only thing that got in his way was the bad leads he received about DJ X’s whereabouts.

One day he met a senile old man. He was homeless and scruffy as they came. He muttered “X marks the spot, X marks the spot” “X marks the spot on the small island”. Lucas pondered on his words for whatever reason. An island, he remembered a small island a few hours from where the PTRO club was.

After backtracking to Vinyl City where he resided, Lucas ventured out to the small island, and sure enough DJ X did mark the spot. An enormous building shaped like an X scarred the ground. It was unguarded surprisingly, so Lucas had no trouble getting inside. He looked and the building was built like a labyrinth, there seemed to be no end to the corridors. He traversed them quickly until he came to a circular room. With a trademark DJ X carpet.

In its center DJ X himself sat at a desk again shaped like an X. He wore a toothy smile and flashed Lucas the Ultimate Record to taunt him and rile his anger. Lucas replied by shooting a flurry of lightning bolts at DJ X. His determination in the moment had been waiting for so long was fierce and he was beyond words, he wasn’t going to let DJ X defeat him again. DJ X became what looked to be fearful, he saw the fire in Lucas’ eyes. DJ X lost his cool and used the Ultimate record to block attack. It grew a pale blue aura after the attack, moments later it cracked and shattered into seven pieces falling to the ground.

Lucas became very confused; DJ X on the other hand was crushed. Everything he had worked for had just vanished before his eyes. Lucas saw this opportunity to put an end to DJ X’s reign of evil and charged up his lightning record for one final attack. DJ X looked up as he saw Lucas charging towards him then DJ X quickly engulfed himself with a shroud of darkness. Lucas pierced through the darkness and DJ X was gone! Lucas turned around and noticed only six piece of the ultimate record were on the ground. He searched for the last piece but it was nowhere to be found. Soon Lucas heard footsteps coming from a corridor behind him. He quickly turned around and saw six shadowy figures with the letter “X” glowing on each one. Lucas knew it was going to turn out bad if he stayed there and quickly ran with the use of his lightning agility.

Lucas returned back to the PTRO club after his duel with DJ X and rebuilt what he had destroyed prior to it. Things were peaceful for a while. The parties were going back to the way things were. That is until one day the letter “X” was graffitied seven times on the PTRO Club’s door. Lucas was shocked at this vandalism and knew something horrible will happen. Why were there seven “X”s? Lucas wondered and remembered seeing those six shadowy figures back at DJ X’s club. Lucas got contact with other DJs from around the country to prepare for the worst. The DJs got all their battle records together, and they knew what they had to do. Put The Record On!

© Put The Record On 2011 (Made by Lucas)